Readings & Consultations


I love working with those devoted to bringing about a world transformed through truth and love into one of beauty and harmony and am currently available to support and empower these desires in others through focused consultations/readings.


My readings focus on empowering emotional truth and embracing the world of feelings and deepening true soul healing. I love nurturing people who are working to bring existing businesses, institutions, structures and policies into alignment with greater truth and love.

I specialize in supporting those engaging transformative work rooted in divine truth and love in their personal and professional lives. I have an ever-growing understanding of the spirit world, relationships, family-of-origin issues, soulmates, personal dreams, passions and desires, and the human potential.


I have been mediumistic and empathic all my life and have worked through many of my own emotional and soul-level injuries and continue to every day and feel drawn to help others do the same and to empower, engage and purify their own passions and desires.

I have a strong ability to elucidate the shadow and to help others recognize the causal level of the things unfolding in their work and personal lives which I believe is key to uncovering our potential and to moving in directions that can rebalance the world and bring ourselves into true happiness and fulfilment.


I am engaging an emerging economy of "gifting" wherein we gift our energy, skills and creations to one another in generosity through embracing our passions and desires, doing what we love, and sharing freely. I want to be a part of co-creating a world where everyone has clean water to drink and to clean with and good food to eat and a safe home to live in.

I work on a donation basis so I can do what I love and be open to receiving while participating in bringing forth a world without in divine love and truth.


If you want to schedule a phone reading, contact me through by email:

or by phone at 575-534-1024


Also, I would love to engage in study and exploration of the spirit world through the lens of divine love and truth...if you would like to join me....or have me lead a study group on a donation basis...let me know!


Here are some great starting points...

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You can contact me through by email at:

or by phone at 575-534-1024