The Divine Love Path


August, 25 2012

Hi friends....I am taking a break right now, just processing more feelings on deeper levels around my life, my work, my relationships and what is unhealed still within me.

I want to pass on this link to you. I love this work being presented here. Here are hundreds of hours of videos of teachings about "The Divine Love Path" presented beautifully.

This work resonates as truth to me and holds many answers and fundamental clarities around soulmates, the spirit world, soul possession, the laws of the universe, the future of our world and how to find our way back to God....and much more....not to mention illuminating the value of emotional integration work, which has been a passion of mine that I have both loved and given my whole life to and also experienced great pain and frustration and confusion around bringing into this world.

I am in the throes of realizing how I have been interacting in ways that are not harmonious with divine love within my frustrations around my work and that there are deeper, underlying emotional reasons that have driven those behaviors in me. I am beginning now to feel these core level feelings and to experience them emotionally so that they are released and I will be able to be in greater harmony, integrity and love in my life, my work and in my actions and interactions with others and will be able to realize and fulfill my deeper longing to be a part of a loving world where I have a place that is kinder for me to live and work and share inside of.

I have wanted to be loved, and to be understood and believed so desperately and I have been so frightened by intolerance I sensed in others or by other things within other people that I could sense that were in opposition to and against my deep belief that feeling all our feelings is key to creating a healthy world. I am realizing now that I have been controlling, and unloving, and out of harmony with Divine Love inside of the confusion I have felt at the sight of the hopelessness of never being loved or even being able to exist uninjured by the others. And I am moving now to feel the core emotions that have driven these behaviors in my inside of my relationships with other people.

I am now aware, at least intellectually....within my mind...through these teachings, that there is a God who created me and I am becoming open now to work with that love. It is overwhelming and I know it will heal me beyond anything I could ever hoped for. I believe I will come to know and experience emotionally the love that God has for me even though I have not even considered that as a possibility before in my life. I am just beginning this process now and am overwhelmed with feelings of great hope and releasing of the utter hopelessness I have lived in and with feelings of great hope and the new budding of love at the sight of these truths coming into my life. I am certain that I will find my way all the way back to an experience of being filled with the love of God...with divine love.

So, I am stepping back from putting things "out" into the world and am working now to process the unearthed emotions still within me of fear and sorrow and hopelessness and of how overwhelmingly it has been to live unloved and even despised and hated by people, and how terrifying, helpless and awful all of these things have been for me...and more.

It is deep, consuming, overwhelming, scary and, I believe, will be utterly healing. I do trust that taking this path will lead me to a much better place then the one I have been living in on a soul level....which has been one of distortion created by the abusive experiences thrust upon me in my early life and through how I have never believed there was any loving source I could access or experience on the earth beyond that of human or "natural" love. I have believed there was no other way to heal my pain or find safety or to find a way to get out of endlessly traumatizing exchanges with others other than be getting people to awaken to their devastated state and to heal their traumas.

That belief was a horrifying place to live every day of my life. I felt endlessly the sight of a world full of people who would never understand the beauty or value of my devotion to the world of feelings, or the choices I had made to heal my abusive childhood and therefore, would never understand the beauty of my soul and so they could hurt and hate and injure me and feel justified eternally. And, so I felt I needed to try to educate and enlighten everyone for my own salvation which I see now led me to acts that were manipulative and controlling of others rather than allowing every other soul to make choices about their own lives and these issues from a place of free will. I never trusted that. I always lived feeling a sense of being at the mercy of other people's relationships to their own emotions. I am beginning now to feel different. And I am beginning to understand my part in unhealthy exchanges that were rejecting and harmful and devastating.

Now, I know, in my mind at least, that there is more. And, the changes are huge and full and amazing already. I believe there is much to understand. And I know too that I have the courage to feel all of my feelings more and more as I come to experience more fully in the days ahead the truth that there is a God and that God does love me. And that God gave everyone free will for a reason I do not yet trust or understand and that I need to come to honor that more than my desire to act impulsively to protect myself through controlling others in wanting them to love and understand and support or validate me by addressing their own shadow energies so that they could become capable of doing that and I would feel safe and understood and loved some day.

I see now, it is not loving to do that. Even if I was helping people, there was desperate need deep within my injured soul to effect them to change and make choices that would one day lead me to be safe with them. I was not aware that trying to alter or effect the free will of any soul for any reason is an unloving act. Needing others to love or accept or understand me is something I have done because I did not realize that I could receive the love of God. A realization that will free me from all of these unholy movements.

I believe too, that if I come to open my soul to both receiving and acting in harmony with the principles of divine love, and that, if am willing to live in truth of everything inside of me and within all of my relationships and to see what is happening in my own life through embracing more and more truth, that I will grow...that my soul will grow....and will open up to that divine love more and more with each passing moment and that I will see the beauty too of my own soul again through the knowing that Divine Love....through God's eyes. And, then I will not ask that of others any longer.

I am embracing this within my life every day more and more through living in truth and feeling everything. And, there is much to feel that I never could feel before because I did not believe there was a God or that, if there was a God that he/she would love me....would love my soul. So I believed I was trapped in ways I do not feel trapped in at all now.

I believe this path holds the key to creating true health within my own soul and that it also holds the key to co-creating healthy and harmonious communities into the future.

I am working through much...and am so grateful to see others now on the same path...but further along...and tying it all together. It is beyond anything I could have even hoped for. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that this work is being offered now to the world...and to me. Words cannot express my relief and or the hope that I feel for myself, for my soul, for the little child within me, for the woman I am now, for the metaphysician I am who has longed to return to a place of love, and for all of humanity. I have weep to the core of my soul at the beauty of it all.

It has all been worth it. I know this...and in the days ahead, I will feel it as my soul heals out all of the things that are not aligned with the truth of divine love.



How precious is this?

It makes me feel so happy that art and music and love exist here in this world....