Divine Truth Tales

"chronicles along the path of divine love"



Reflections on my experience in Texas where I spent 10 days with a group of around 40 people who are engaging, exploring and growing along the path of divine love. Mary, Jesus and Cornelius came to the states from Australia and gave so generously to us....their kindness, love, truth and wisdom.

here is a link to the presentations from that event


I'm home again. I must say this experience was the most amazing of my life. I am so so overwhelmed with gratitude for these beings of love and truth existing on the earth.

Words cannot describe.....

Hope you are doing well!
I'd love to connect when the time feels right....I'll be around during the days.

They filmed most of the event...the questions and presentations and the rich and wondrous dinner conversations we all had gathered around Jesus and mary....and those will all go on to youtube in the months ahead.

I feel so thankful to know the way forward now in so many aspects where I was blocked these last thirty years. What a relief and what hope I will live with now. It is just such a profound and unexpected gift from god and the fact they they and the others with them have come to earth to offer this again to humanity is just so humbling to me....to receive this when all felt lost to me forever.



In this first presentation from our retreat Jesus answered some questions about the sleep state which inspired me to ask (about 1:24 minutes into the talk) about my own terror-filled nights where I have spent my life running from my mother and sisters who are always chasing me and trying to keep me from any hope of gaining even the smallest foothold or space to exist in on the earth...his life-altering answer was so unexpected and soul-healing that I will be eternally transformed by those ten minutes of sharing he gave so generously to me. Although I had acknowledged my history of child abuse and gone through therapy thirty years ago, I was stuck for these past decades in many ways...the details of which were elucidated for me in this brief exchange...and I am finally free now to finish my healing...to restore my soul to it's pristine condition....to release all the unloving, distorting and deeply damaging projections I have ingested through time...and to return to my divinity again...the state we all...each and every soul on earth...and in the spirit world...were created by god to live in. Both Jesus and Mary spoke to me over the course of the event about my need to feel deeply and release my grief over how attacked I have been throughout my lifetime...something I have not done much of at all even though I have been attacked all throughout my life on an ongoing basis...even to the extent of being run down by a car driving at full speed right into my precious little body. I have such gratitude to have met these beings in person whose condition of love is so high that they would never turn these things on me as has been my experience again and again... a seemingly endless and ongoing stream of re-injury throughout my life. That alone, being in the safety of beings in a higher state of love...and existing openly with all my pain and not being further hurt...has transformed me eternally.

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