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"This is a living manuscript chronicling my own soul's journey of spiritual and emotional integration as I heal from a childhood rife with abuse, and engage and ongoing process of embracing and coming to learn about and understand the teachings of divine truth and divine love as taught today by Jesus and Mary who are presently reincarnated and bringing these great teaching to the earth again. Here I share my own, and other's explorations on how we might bridge these profound understandings about God's love and truth onto the earth to address and resolve personal and global issues of suffering, as well as embracing our divine potential as God designed us to enjoy as we unfold and express our unique souls here on earth."





Recent Additions to Manuscript:

Lessons in Divine Love: Jesus on Origins and Issues of Lack

Exploring Social Issues: The Death Penalty

Explorations: Creating New Dimensions on Earth

Exploring Global Issues: Moving Forward: A Public Conversation on Surviving Sexual Abuse

Explorations: Near Death Experiences

Exploring Global Issues: Israel, Palestine and the Gaza Strip

Exploring Global Issues: ISIS and the Islamic Militant State

Exploring Global Issues: Epidemics

Exploring Global Issues: Pedophilia

Explorations: The Truth About Education in America

Lessons in Divine Love: I Shall Not Hate

Essay: The Edge of the World

Essay: My Accident and the Law of Attraction

Lessons in Divine Love: Jesus and Mary Clarify Issues Around Rageful People and Spirits

Lessons in Divine Love: The Secrets of the Universe

Lessons in Divine Love: Discovering and Connecting to Desires

Prose: The Man and the Woman

Lessons in Divine Love: Spirit Influence and Sexuality in "Spiritual" Practices

Recommended Readings: A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands by Franchezzo

Lessons in Divine Love: The Sleep State

Explorations: Schizophrenia

Lessons in Divine Love: The Padgett Messages

Lessons in Divine Love: Jesus Helps a Woman in the Hells to Stop Passing Her Injuries on to Others

Lessons in Divine Love: How to Progress from the 6th Dimension of the Spirit World

Readings and Book Discussion: Through the Mists Trilogy

Lessons in Divine Love: The Truth About Family Bonds on Earth and in the Spirit World

Lessons in Divine Love: What Parents Will Need to do to Reunite with Children they have Injured

Lessons in Divine Love: Interview with Jesus: Abortion

Lessons in Divine Love: I Shall Not Hate

Explorations: Nonviolent Communication

Index: Divine Truth Videos