by Motavenda Melchizedek

My thoughts on the "Shift of the Ages"

Let us hope that this new "female" cycle does not become "exclusive" where we come to deny the existence, the value, the beauty or the importance of the "male" but rather is truly a "new" cycle. One of "'unification" and "rebalancing" so long last.... both the male and female energies coexist in love, in mutual honor, and in truth side by side into eternity...rather than find ourselves in this same place of imbalance at the end of the next cycle with the only difference being a switching out of "the male" for "the female"...with the "feminine" side feeling no desire to acknowledge the relevance, beauty and essential nature of the "male"...I feel strongly that it is time to reconsider what is possible here. That is my devotion. I will not enter this time with a goal of "empowering the feminine" but with a dream and desire to honor both halves of my own soul and souls of all human beings living on earth and in the spirit world. I believe deep within my own heart that now is the time to move forward from a new place of wholeness...and with a larger, more beautiful and loving vision. Where real balance can be embodied and unfold in this world we all share..and it's sure to be much more fun for everyone involved!