by Motavenda Melchizedek

What is a woman?

Am I a woman?

The Moon. Now she is a woman.

And who is this woman. The Moon.

I must ask her to teach me. To tell me of womanhood.

Of how to be. To live as a woman. To show me. How to be

wholly and completely a woman.

She is beautiful. This I know. The Moon. Gloriously

beautiful. And she is my friend. And I am

tremendously grateful to have a friend as

gloriously beautiful as she. Receiving me. Always.

She is there loving me. And knowing completely. Who

I am. The woman that I am. And she is my friend.

And never ever does she feel anything but love for me.

For she know the beauty of the woman that I am.

That I am pulling forth from deep within me.

Into being.

And it is she. This beautiful woman moon who is

my teacher. She who shows me the rhythms of my

being. The power of my truth. The depths and

the force of my emotional self. She calls me forth.

She pulls me forth from deep within myself.

And I love her. Completely. As only a woman can love

a woman. Knowing so intimately her power and incredible

kindness. For giving so immensely to me. For showing me


For being the moon.