by Jesus and Mary


Emotions And The "Mother" Taboo


A great video...I love the is so freeing.

This is the best starting point I have seen for a true and loving dialogue on male/female intergender and intergenerational injuries and how to truly heal ourselves and the world.

I have been personally bound in allegiance to my mother's demands that I remain silent and be what she wants me to be in terms of my own existence on earth and that I be eternally banished and forever punished for speaking the truth about the atrocities of her life and then mine at her hands. This presentation illuminates much of the complexities of the converging threads that led to my entanglement.

I have often wondered how to end the cycles of domestic violence and could see how we were discussing these societal issues without honestly addressing the "mother" as key to the cycle and how taboo acknowledging this essential truth has been on earth.

I love how loving Jesus is in the midst of sharing such truth.

We can all look and see and face the truth of our personal soul condition and heal our own injuries and that alone has the power to end all suffering for men and women and boys and girls and all beings on the earth and in the spirit world.

I am grateful to see a way forward for my soul through understanding my own predicament more clearly and growing a willingness to face what my mother has done to me and continues to do in her intolerance of my awareness of the abusive world we both inhabited from the moment of my conception. A world she had already accepted as her fate and one that she commands I give my own soul to continuing and growing further through sacrificing my own dreams and desires and sense of beauty.

The truth is that she despises me for naming the truth that my father was brutal and that she held a space for him to do the things he did to me and to my sisters. And she is furious that my truth will not be undone. That I will not take it back and join in the lie again.

Now, I need to move forward and to have a life of happiness and love where I come to know the truth that God wants me to live in truth even though she never has. And that I do not deserve to be punished for not remaining in allegiance and silence beneath the "mother taboo."

We have the right to look and see and know the truth...and this is how we will see our way forward and come to create the world of our dreams. A loving world that each and every child of God deserves to be born into.


It helps me so much to grow in courage when I hear the truth....just knowing/hearing the news that God wants us all to be free and living in love and truth is giving me the missing pieces to find my own way forward....I have felt crushed and condemned so much of my life for speaking out and not holding space for lies and has been hard to feel that my soul was ever wanted here on earth...