by Jesus and Mary


Why We Resist God


This is a fantastic piece explaining the origin of man and what happened to lead us to the place where we find ourselves now. It is key to understanding the truth of things and a great beginning point for untangling the confusion around what it is that "we" have created on earth and are responsible for versus what God created here and how we came, over time, to place blame on God for our unloving choices.

It is so important to clarity. We must begin with the truth.


As someone who has totally avoided the issue of "God" I found this presentation so insightful and healing and sure explains a lot! Thanks SO much to this loving soul and his beautiful soulmate for being on the earth at this time and giving these teachings to humanity. I am eternally grateful. I have never seen the truth existing here on earth in such a pure and simple and clear way. My soul....find great peace and hope at the sight of the teachings of Divine Truth. As no other thing I have seen does. And it validates all I have devoted my heart and soul to. There is a resonance to pure truth...and it is present in all of this material. It heals my weary a drop of of water to a dying man...and empowers me to continue to engage even more deeply along the pathway I have been travelling all my life. And strengthens my resolve to work always to heal my remaining soul injuries and to align more and more with the true loving laws and truth that are at work in this world. There is no other other place I want to be in the end. It is a continuing journey of healing and learning for me and there is great support and encouragement and pure profound and loving guidance in all of this material. I can not speak highly enough of AJ and Mary and this beautiful gift they are giving to humanity now at this pivotal time in our history. I love them!!!!